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We’re not your parents’ financial advisors, and we’re not a bunch of computers, either. Introducing Compass on Demand, online and convenient access to a Certified Financial Planner® - a real person giving real financial advice.

Wherever you’re at in life, we have answers to help you through debt reduction, budgeting, saving and investing, and supporting you as you set both long and short term financial goals. At just $75/month, we’re offering a convenient, digital approach to financial planning while remaining real, reachable, and accessible to all — no minimums and no appointments needed.

The personalized financial guidance you need, now available from the comfort of your home.

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Personalized advice based on your unique circumstance

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How can a financial advisor help me?

Maybe you're savvy with managing your money, but do you know what to do with the surplus? Maybe you're paying your bills every month, but are you remembering to pay yourself? Maybe you know how you want your life to look, but are your finances aligned to get you there? Life transitions and financial questions come up all the time, and everyone can benefit from the expertise of a professional financial planner.

Why Compass on Demand?

Thanks to technology, the way we communicate has changed quite a bit, and there are many ways to “meet” nowadays. Financial planning is evolving and changing with it. With Compass on Demand, you will have convenient, easy access to valuable resources and professional financial advice from your dedicated online financial advisor, on your time and all for a fraction of the cost of hourly financial planning.

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