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15 Ways to Potentially Save Money… That Really Work

December 15, 2017

Dollar bill

In this article, we are going to explore some creative options for saving money on everyday items.   Often we ramble through life not paying much attention.  Many of these ideas are rooted in doing something in a new or different way, often with the help of technology to shop or save.

*Take advantage of what is free – EBooks, Audiobooks, and digital online movies are available at your local libraries.   Awesome resource available for little or no cost!

*Look for alternatives –  Hy-Vee vs. Aldi.      Starbucks vs. Keurig.       Verizon vs. Mobile Virtual Network Operators

*Get another quote – Don’t just look at Amazon. Target happens to be on my way home from work and some items are half the price as Amazon Prime!

*Be strategic with timing –  Allergy medicine goes on sale twice per year.  I know this from experience…

*Buy used – I have a friend who only buys used car tires.  It seems to work for him.

*Share – The sharing economy has blossomed with Airbnb and Uber.  There are lots of sharing options for all sorts of things you only use occasionally.

*Plan – This is a big one for meals and grocery shopping.  Planning out meals and sticking to a grocery list can be a significant savings on your food spending.

*Buy discounted gift cards – Buy a $50 Dairy Queen gift card for $45 online…  Yum!

*Use technology – Track your money with Earn rebates after purchases on, or use “round up” programs to round up every credit card purchase to the nearest dollar and start saving all those nickels and dimes.

*Stop the budget busters – Costco is a fine store, but it is our family’s budget buster. You can’t get out of that place for less than $200!

*Pay with cash – Some items can be cheaper…like gasoline.

*Negotiate –  Not always for price, but for more services or favorable terms.  Cable and Dish Network are good examples.

*Wait – You may find you don’t even want it anymore after a few weeks.

*Buy Generic – The store brand is often made by the same manufacturer as the name brand.

*30 second money saver online – Do a quick coupon check on a website like for savings on most website purchases.