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Why Choose Compass Financial Services: Your Des Moines Financial Advisors

When Compass Financial Services was created in 1997, we began with a simple vision.

Working out of a basement, Kurt’s goal was to help people match their dollars with their dreams and to have fun while doing it. Over the years we grew. We moved into an office and added employees, depth of expertise and a shared vision to the Compass Financial Team.

The elements of our vision combine together to create a safe place for our clients and our team to work towards their goals and dreams.

What Our Des Moines Financial Advisors Can Do For You

People seem to have appreciated the Compass Financial philosophy over the years, and today we continue to build upon our original message. Every day is a new and exciting opportunity for our financial planners to help Iowans. In one day we might help a family fine-tune a retirement plan or provide direction on investment opportunities. On another day we may help a struggling family create a plan to get out of debt. We respond with the same intent each time: do what’s right for the client and build a trusting, long-term relationship within that safe place.

What to Expect When You Meet With a Compass Financial Advisor in Des Moines

When you first meet with one of our Compass financial advisors, we start by getting to know you. Our goal is to listen so we have a full understanding of your current financial position and the financial goals you have. No matter what life stage you are in, we’re here to help you develop an actionable financial plan that will help get you where you wish to be. At Compass Financial Services, we believe it is never too early or too late to start planning for the future.

What Sets Our Financial Advisors Apart From the Rest

Our team of Iowa financial planners continuously grows their knowledge and experience day in and day out. This way, we can deliver appropriate guidance for our clients’ financial needs. Through research, experience, and innovation, we are always developing new strategies to help Iowans pursue financial success. We take these strategies at Compass Financial Services and tailor them to your specific circumstances and goals. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all financial advice. Our financial advisors here in Des Moines are committed to getting to know you, understanding your unique life goals, and creating a safe place to explore how to get there.

Contact Us for a Free One-on-One Consultation with a Certified Financial Planner

With the full range of experience our Des Moines financial advisors have to offer, it’s likely that we have handled just about any situation that may arise, and we have never wavered from our original vision, philosophy and dream.

We invite you to contact us today to schedule a visit for a free one-hour consultation to discuss how we might be able to help you keep your dreams alive! We look forward to working with you.