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Compass Financial Services is a financial planning and Registered Investment Adviser located in West Des Moines, Iowa. Compass Financial serves individuals, families, and business owners in the areas of retirement planning, risk management, estate planning, and holistic personal financial management to guide them toward achieving their financial and lifestyle objectives.

You may have noticed from “Our People” page that many of our team have been with Compass for a long tenure.  We are working to create a safe place that stands out in the business landscape these days.  A bit of an “oasis” from the typical corporate setting.  Another focus we have is to offer the flexibility to explore and create the professional future you desire.

Don’t take our word for it, come have a conversation with us and see for yourself!


The types of positions we hire for can be anything from general office administrative work, directly assisting advisors in servicing and building their client base, junior advisors and advisors. Each role has its own unique challenges and areas for growth. At Compass Financial Services we are interested in getting the right people on “the bus” and helping them grow in to their role based on their unique skills and passions. We don’t have “job titles” or “job descriptions” because we find that it is hard to define each individual’s unique contribution to the team. If you are interested in discussing what a career at Compass Financial Services could look like for you, please email Caleb Pearson at


Compass has been offering internships for over 15 years.  The objectives of an internship are created to meet the goals of each intern.  No two internships are the same.  Rather than the intern fitting into our mold, we adapt to make the internship meaningful. 

In the past we have offered spring, summer and fall internship opportunities. The ideal candidate will meet many of the following criteria:

• Major in Financial Counseling & Planning, Communications, or Business with a similar academic emphasis

• Have a strong interest in pursuing a career in personal financial planning and advising

• Possess excellent interpersonal skills and problem-solving capabilities

• Demonstrated history of working effectively in a team environment

• Demonstrated history of being accountable for working independently and completing assignments accurately and timely

Your internship experience will be designed around your unique skill set and interests in combination with various projects that Compass has identified to move our business forward. Compass Financial Services offers interns competitive pay, a flexible work schedule, supportive mentoring, and a fun and comfortable work environment. Interested candidates should email a current resume and cover letter to Justin Van Houten at: