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Our Philosophy: Purpose and Passion at Compass Financial

At Compass Financial, we worked hard to identify our values and our ultimate goal. You can call it our philosophy or as Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great calls it, our big hairy, audacious goal.

The call we hear is our big purpose. But for us, it sets both our expectations and our boundaries. This work is never done and it’s much larger than any one person. This is what captures our imagination at Compass. We measure every decision by whether or not it gets us closer to fulfilling our team vision.

At that point, it’s easy for us to see if it’s the right choice for us or not. At our core, this is the way we want to work. It is our hope that all who come to Compass will have this experience. We don’t believe you can present yourselves as one thing in public and be something different behind closed doors, so these values/this vision are how we see and conduct ourselves, both with clients and with each other.

Our ultimate purpose is to create a safe place.

This safe place makes someone feel valued, heard and respected. We’ve designed our office to feel calm and serene by carefully selecting the wall colors, furnishings and artwork. We want to be comfortable in our environment and we want you to be as well. We want our team members to know Compass Financial is a safe place for them to pursue their dreams, share their concerns and learn their craft. We support each other and know that it’s okay to say, “I don’t know” or “I need help.”

This safe place is very important for the entire Compass Team to perform at their peak level. Creating this kind of an environment means we can attract and retain the best professionals who are at the top of their game.

On the client side, we know talking about your money can be intimidating. Everyone thinks they have too little or are starting too late. We want you to know that it’s okay and you’re okay. We will hold your concerns and goals in confidence. We want you to know that no matter where you are financially or where you want to go, we’re going to do our best to help you accomplish your dreams. Most of us have some financial expectations that create some financial concern.

We believe the truth about your financial reality has the potential to address the concern that can easily plague most of us. The way we create this safe place is to combine our three foundational beliefs.

Belief One: We believe in the value of a person

For us, that means – wherever you are in your financial journey, we’ll step alongside you. We don’t care if you have $1 or $1 million dollars. We will help you get out of debt or clean up your credit if that’s what needs to happen before you start saving a dime.

We will protect your confidences, honor your intentions and help you chase your dreams and goals. Internally that means we recognize strengths and structure a person’s work so they can take full advantage of what they’re best at.

We support each other’s personal values and goals and work together to help and celebrate each other.

Belief Two: We are world-class listeners

We start by getting to know our clients — listening to their stories about money, their dreams for their future and the realities of their life as it is today. Our best advice emerges as we listen intently.

We believe it’s our job to educate our clients so they can make smart choices for themselves and their families. Education usually leads to a confidence in the financial decisions that are in front of us. We’ll gladly spend as much time as needed, explaining options and the potential consequences that come with each option.

We also understand the value of listening to ourselves and that little voice inside each of us. We take time to be reflective about our work and the insights that come in the quiet. As a team, we work hard to listen to each other, knowing that we can do our best work for a client when we collaborate and build off each other’s ideas.

Belief Three: We are profitable but never profit driven

If we help our clients work towards their goals, we’ll achieve ours as well. The only thing we sell is our expertise. We charge by the hour for financial planning and you always know our recommendations are solely influenced by their ability to help you succeed.

We only hire the most qualified candidates and our goal is to train them well and keep them for a long time so we can offer our clients both consistency and quality. It’s important for us to make a profit so we can keep and reward our team. We want them to be able to achieve their financial dreams too. But profit will never be a driving force or a decision point.

We’re in this for the long haul and believe that if we help people, we will earn their loyalty, referrals and friendship. With that, the profits will come.