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3 Easy Ways to Invest in Yourself and Improve Your Life

3 Easy Ways to Invest in Yourself and Improve Your Life

November 19, 2020

Here is a little secret that we all know, but seldom say aloud. Investing in yourself is often the best way to achieve the highest returns on your money and may just be the most profitable investment you ever make.

Investing in yourself can take many different forms, but they all have a singular purpose - to increase your income over time.  Your ability to earn an income is the single largest asset you have.  Most people will earn several million dollars over a working lifetime, and earning even a little bit more every year can make a significant difference over that time.  Prudent investments in the ability to earn more can be very valuable and can even play a role in determining the quality of your life.

Investing in yourself often takes the form of education, or acquiring professional skills that the employment marketplace values highly.  Look at your own professional situation.  What sort of work are you almost qualified to do, yet cannot do due to a lack of specific knowledge or expertise?  These are ripe areas to explore rounding out your training and education.

1. Consider Professional Designations

Professional designations often require a course of study in a specialized area, ongoing continuing education, and experience in the field of study.  Studying for, and attaining these professional designations often highlights your commitment to professional excellence and announce to your leader, your company, and to your customers/clients that you have taken the time and expense to become an expert.  Nearly every field of business has professional designations, and I would encourage you to investigate them.

2. How About College?

College tuition is expensive, but often signals the same commitment in time and expense to provide you the opportunity to advance in your career.  Sometimes additional education is a requirement for the job, and sometimes it simply opens up additional opportunities.  Education is a great resume builder, but remember while it’s the resume that gets you the interview, it’s the interview that gets you the job.

3. Reading and Writing

In this day and age, if you read 3 books on a single subject, you know more than almost everybody else.  With the availability of the internet as a platform, you can write for public eyes to educate those that don’t know. Sharing your expertise that you have accumulated over your lifetime can be fun and sometimes financially rewarding.

Consistently investing in yourself or the willingness to do so not only has the potential to increase your income over time, but it often reflects the opinion you have of yourself. Don’t be afraid to delve into this idea.  There can be great joy and bountiful reward for those that are wise in this process.