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Being Reminded to Be Thankful

Being Reminded to Be Thankful

November 15, 2021

As this time of year rolls around again, I am thankful for a good many things.  But what I am most thankful for… are those moments that I am REMINDED to be thankful.  Sometimes these ‘reminders’ are bold and clear like a bolt of lightning on a dark night.  And sometimes they just quietly float in. Sometimes these ‘reminders’ look suspiciously like my wife telling me I’ve blown it. And sometimes my kids do it with tears or laughter.  I’ve come to really value these reminders because inevitably they reintroduce me to something good in my life that I am thankful for.  These reminders are a gift because they seem to come during my lowest moments when I’ve forgotten to be thankful.  

Recently, I was grousing to a friend about how we all seem to be doomed to repeat this ebb and flow all through our lives.  Feeling up, and then getting down.  Highs and lows.  Rinse and repeat.  Why do I forget to be thankful?  Why do I have to keep being reminded of the important things in life?  Why can’t I just perpetually live my life on a high note (said with sarcasm)?   He just said “But aren’t you glad that you CAN be reminded?”    

Yes, I am glad, and THAT was a good reminder.  Thank you, friend. 

So, let me go back to the beginning and amend my first statement.  As this time of year approaches, I am most thankful that I CAN be reminded to be thankful.  And I trust life will continue to give me plentiful opportunities to learn and grow. 

Here at Compass Financial, we are constantly reminded that we are thankful for YOU, our clients.   We are thankful that we get to share life with you and to walk the highs and lows together.  We are thankful that you give us the opportunity to spend time together and help you plan for the future.  We are thankful for your trust, which is a deep and meaningful thing.  Thank you! 

What have you been reminded to be thankful for?  We would love to hear from you.

The very best this season,

Guy Leman and the Compass Financial Team