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Defining Your Passion

October 22, 2018

I have watched NBC’s America’s Got Talent off and on through the years…and this season, I’ll admit I have found myself tuning in to more episodes than I thought I would. Season after season, I am reminded that America DOES have talent—and a lot of it!

It is not lost on me that some of these acts or stunts are silly, dangerous or mysterious—and some are downright ridiculous. However, it is during the final live shows that I believe the true, consistent talent and creativity rises to the top.

One thing is clear to me: These individuals have figured something out. They have identified a gift they have been given. They have discovered their passion and they are pursuing it on one of the largest stages available today. That takes courage in bulk, and I cannot help but be impressed. The sacrifice most of these participants have made is unmeasurable.

Passion, by definition, is literally translated to: “a strong liking or desire for a devotion to some activity; object or concept; suffering.”

As I work with clients, we talk about their passion(s) and God-given talents. I ask the question, “What are you passionate about?” Many people have not given it any thought. I challenge clients to intentionally give it some thought. For some, this comes naturally. Others, not so much. I have learned that in many cases, when an individual’s passion and time intersect, there is the potential for income—or at the very least (or maybe the most) a sense of peace, purpose and accomplishment.

Self-reflection: I have been a scrapbooker since my oldest son Jacob was born. Scrapbooker translated (my own silly translation): “the gatekeeper of our family’s story including, but not limited to, vacations, holidays, birthdays, random milestone events; memories captured employing creative placement of photos and written narrative in chronological order to preserve the integrity of our family’s history.”

I have always loved art, being creative and working with my hands. However, now that my boys are grown, there is not much to scrapbook about (and even if there were, my boys would tell me no), so I have redirected my passion for scrapbooking into a passion to create personalized greeting cards. Writing someone a handwritten note is a lost art. I am now creating my own cards, and it is so fun! (I have been inspired and mentored by my very special friend and surrogate sister Kari Mayo—thank you!)

When I am at my kitchen table with all of my supplies around me, I feel so inspired. The creative juices and adrenaline flow so hard I lose track of time and hours can pass by before I even know it. That, I feel, is a passion.

For some, America’s Got Talent is a cheesy, ratings-chasing reality show, and I get it. However, it takes courage to look deep into our soul and recognize what really makes us happy…to find our passion, and to identify that one thing inside of you that is so loud it refuses to be ignored.

So, I must ask, what is YOUR passion?

Michele Bjorkgren, Compass Advisor