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Kurt's Retirement - A Response from Guy Leman

March 21, 2024

As you all know now, Kurt Pearson has stepped back from day-to-day operations at Compass Financial. We still see him from time to time. He tends to show up when there is something good to eat or something fun to do, and always has a spring in his step and a smile on his face. He sends us pictures of projects at his farm and of all the grandchild events that he is hosting. Kurt and Sandra are really embracing the new pace that comes with retirement.

My experience with Kurt Pearson goes back to my teenage years. My mom was referred to Kurt Pearson after my father passed away unexpectedly. It was the early 1990s and Kurt started showing up at our house as her financial adviser. I have seen the heartache and financial headache of losing a father and a husband and what a difference having a good financial adviser can make. Over the years, I saw that relationship bless my mother again and again with wisdom and guidance. Kurt filled a noble role in my life. 

Eventually, I launched into adulthood and Kurt became my financial adviser by family association. I found my financial life was much more satisfying with Kurt as my adviser and was relieved to find I didn’t have to do my finances alone. The way he did business attracted me to the industry. When I got serious about fulfilling the dream of being a financial adviser, Kurt was the first person I went to.

He sent me all around town to interview the wide variety of ‘advisers’ that are available. Most were ok, but a few made me want to take a shower after our meeting…. Yuck!  Many advisers seemed to be in it for the money, which was a real turn-off. Kurt Pearson really knew what he doing, because at the end of this process I came back to him and realized that HE had something special that I wanted. If I was going to do this, I wanted to do it at Compass Financial. That was 10 years ago now.

That is the enduring specialness of Kurt and Compass. His passions are more about people and relationship than about dollars and cents. He claims that he probably would have lost interest in wealth management long ago if not for the challenge of building a unique and enduring company culture. Each person he brought on board at Compass had to add to the culture in a unique way. It was like putting a puzzle together. Each piece has their place, each piece has a purpose. This purpose is to continue the specialness he started… and so it has. Compass lives on even stronger because of the goodness and wisdom of our founder. I can honestly say that I am more excited about the future of Compass Financial now than I was 10 years ago, and that is saying something!

Mostly, this is a big thank you note to Kurt, who has so wisely and graciously shown us the way forward as clients and friends and underlings and successors. For that we are eternally grateful. I KNOW that my life is better because of Kurt, and there are MANY others who agree. If we could all be so successful! Here is a cheer to the next phase of Kurt’s life.



This statement is a testimonial by a client of the financial professional as of 03/15/2024. The client has not been paid or received any other compensation for making these statements. As a result, the client does not receive any material incentives or benefits for providing the testimonial.

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