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The Best Times to Buy

The Best Times to Buy

January 31, 2020

The start of a new year may bring a new resolve to exercise more, eat healthy, and be better with your money. If you’re considering a big-ticket purchase in 2020, when you buy could save you a significant amount of money! We checked with several sources to find the best times to buy to get the best deals.


  • Fitness equipment. Retailers know all about your New Year’s Resolution, and they want to entice you with good sales on fitness apparel and equipment.
  • Bedding/linens. There are “white sales” in January with bargains to be had on comforters, sheets, and towels.


  • TVs. The Super Bowl is February 2 this year, and there are always great deals on those big-screens you’ve been dreaming about!
  • Home goods/apparel. Presidents Day is February 17, with many retailers offering nice discounts.


  • Grills. Beat the summer rush and get your new gas grill or smoker now to avoid the spike in prices when the temperature heats up!


  • Vacuum cleaners. Look for deals to coincide with your spring cleaning!
  • Lawn mowers. Your favorite home/garden store will likely have good deals on this major purchase.


  • Furniture. Memorial Day is May 25 and many furniture stores will offer blockbuster deals!


  • Gym memberships. Fitness buffs usually ditch the indoor gyms in favor of running, cycling, and swimming outside, so watch for signup deals!


  • Small electronics. In recent years, retailers have added Black Friday in July sales. You can surf the ads for discounts on everything from blenders to coffeemakers!


  • School supplies. Crayons, paper, and pencils may not seem like big-ticket items, but they really add up!
  • Snow blowers/lawn mowers. Seasonal outdoor equipment will be on sale. It’s the tail end of the summer mowing season, and (hopefully) several months until you’ll need a snowblower, but now is the time to buy!


  • Appliances. Labor Day is September 7, and there will be great sales on both big and small appliances.
  • iPhones. Apple tends to unveil new models in September, so prices could drop on the “old” ones.
  • New cars. New models start arriving in September. Buying a new vehicle from the current model year instead of the new model year could potentially save you thousands of dollars.


  • Outdoor furniture. Inventory could be low, but you could also score great deals as the weather starts to cool down.


  • Electronics/home appliances. Black Friday will be November 27 this year, and there will be sales and deals on just about everything!
  • Toys/gifts. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on Black Friday, Cyber Monday is November 30!


  • The same discounts may apply throughout the month for electronics, home appliances, and toys.
  • Christmas decorations. Starting December 26, expect deep discounts on artificial trees, decor, and more!

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