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Working with Compass Financial

Working with Compass Financial

August 04, 2022

One of the biggest hesitations people have when choosing a financial advisor to work with is that they may not know which financial services they need. Admitting you need help managing your money may already be difficult for some people, so we want to put them at ease by sharing our process here at Compass Financial Services.

Do I need a financial advisor?

There are many reasons one might need a financial advisor’s expertise. For example, let's say you finally have enough money to start investing, you’ve experienced a significant life change such as having a child or receiving an inheritance from someone whose past. Maybe you are ready to grow your retirement funds. A financial advisor can develop a plan to help you pursue your financial goals while living the life you wish to live.

Not everyone needs a financial advisor. If you’re savvy at the stock market or feel confident in how you’re saving and investing, help from a financial advisor may not be beneficial for you. For those that do need help, we want you to know we take your financial wellbeing seriously and truly care about our clients.

Working with a financial advisor means working with a fiduciary who puts their clients’ interests above their own. Our financial team has great experience working with clients from all walks of life, whether a family wants to fine-tune their retirement plan or a struggling family trying to get out of debt. No matter your circumstances or financial goals, Compass Financial will help guide you on your financial journey through life.

Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor

There are several questions to ask a financial advisor depending on what specific services you’re looking for. Some of the big questions we see include retirement questions, stock market concerns, coverage for the death of a family member, and more.

At the base of all financial questions is the simpler question: Am I going to be okay? This is the primary concern we hear from our clients at Compass Financial. People want to know that even if something unexpected happens or things don’t go according to plan, they will be okay, and a customized financial plan seeks to ensure it. We walk alongside you in your financial journey and provide wisdom depending on your needs.

Compass Financial’s Approach to Customizing a Plan For You

At Compass Financial, we like to think of beginning a new relationship with a client like a jigsaw puzzle:

    • The first thing you do when starting a new puzzle is dumping all the pieces on the table. Similarly, when you start working with a new financial advisor, you’ll start by telling them all about your financial situation, assets, investments, etc.
    • The next step is organizing the pieces. This is when your advisor will ask about your timelines and priorities; then, they’ll develop an educational process and savings plan that prepares you for financial freedom.
    • Finally, you discover the picture on the box. What are some of the financial or life goals and dreams you’re working towards? Together, we can create a plan to help you pursue that picture-perfect future you’re striving for.

Need Help Choosing A Financial Advisor? Trust Compass Financial!

If you’re looking for financial services in Des Moines, our financial team can help! When you work with a Compass Financial advisor, we will listen first and help answer your most pressing questions. We offer holistic financial planning and wealth management, meaning we help Iowans in all areas of their financial lives. Don’t go through your financial journey alone! Reach out to us at 515-327-1020, or contact our advisors online today. We even offer a complimentary initial consultation to everyone. We look forward to working with you.