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What to Know About the Economy in an Election Year: A Video Series

At Compass Financial, our goal is to provide guidance tailored to suit your specific needs and financial goals. Many people are wary about economic stability during this time and how it could impact their financial plan, and we’d like to share some insights to help put your mind at ease. Watch as our team of Certified Financial Planners™ and advisors share their thoughts about the current and future state of financial markets during a time of political uncertainty and change.

Handling Election Year Market Uncertainty

With an election on the horizon, emotions run high and people often receive conflicting — and sometimes even false — information regarding the state of the economy and financial markets. Find out more about historical market performance during election seasons, and hear our market predictions for the coming weeks and months.

Wall Street Versus Main Street: How Market Conditions Impact Personal Finances

We have seen financial markets recovering well after initial COVID-19 shutdowns, but many individuals and families are still struggling financially. Let us help you cut through the noise and answer important questions about your financial situation and your future.

What Does Economic Recovery Look Like?

During times of uncertainty, it can be difficult to make accurate economic predictions and to know if there are steps you should be taking to protect your financial future. We know the importance of keeping an eye on market performance and understanding how changes might impact our clients. Watch as members of the Compass Financial team discuss economic trends and predictions in light of COVID-19 and the upcoming election.

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