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Getting Married?

"My interest is in the future, because I'm going to spend the rest of my life there." ~ Charles F. Kettering

Getting married? Planning a marriage is a blissful time, filled with dreams for a long and happy future. But it should also be a time when you have some meaningful conversations about money, debt, savings and goals.

At Compass Financial we know that research shows that it takes married couples longer to recover from money arguments than any other kind. The cure to a happy life after getting married is to talk about money honestly, early and often.

Together, we’ll help you take an honest look at your debt, check your credit scores (and put together a plan for raising them), and talk about how you’re going to handle your shared expenses once you get married.

We’ll also look at your annual incomes, short and long term goals and build a plan based on that reality. Many couples have never had these conversations before but you definitely need to before you say “I do.”

Give your marriage a running start by addressing these issues before they become an issue.